Thursday, 3 January 2008


Toon 0 Man City 2

Ho hummmm.. another night another defeat.

I didn't see the game, have read very little of the reports from the game, and haven't seen any of the 'highlights'. Why? Because I can't bare to look. I feel like a small child hiding behind the back of the sofa because Dr Who just got too scary to watch. The Toon train is coming off the tracks... again.

The press vultures are gathering for the crash which they fully expect to happen at Stoke in the FA Cup. BUT as the excellent Biffa said

To say that there's a groundswell of opinion against Allardyce is untrue - nobody was shouting much about anything tonight, least of all for Alan Shearer.

This apparent collective will to see Sam sacked and replaced by the local hero that fills newspaper columns remains an illusion - along with us preferring to lose matches in the name of entertainment...

However it's undeniably another blow for Allardyce - much more of this and at some point the towel will be thrown in by his corner, whether his guard remains up or not.

Take your pick: Barton's incarceration, recent refereeing decisions, the Nations Cup callups, Owen's miss tonight the banana skin cup tie up next, the visit to Old Trafford after that, or the ceaseless media attention.

Says it all really.... I'm tired of the press, tired of crap football and tired of watching over-paid under-caring players who don't care for the fans or the pride that should come with the shirt [how I wish that the newly released Barton would pay some attention to what I think of him]. I have pride in the job that I get paid for, I want to do a good days work and feel that I give my best for employer and my customers.... If only the 15 or so that play for the Toon cared as much....

I'll stop ranting now... but I'm damn tired of all this.

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