Thursday, 24 January 2008


Hey, its been a (fairly) quiet week on the Toon front... well, as far as the media is concerned anyway. Just a bit of sniping that the Keegan bubble has burst - well, he didn't manage to win his first game 8-0 therefore he must be a failure and that's about it... Phew, situation almost back to normal.... And then one of those things happens that you just know is going to have ramifications for Newcastle United.

This momentous event? Spurs beating Arsenal in the League Cup (how old school am I?) semi final. Not only is this the first time that Spurs have beaten their local rivals for the first time since the invention of the floodlight, but they thrashed them 5-1. To compound this Emmanuel Adebayor and Nicklas Bendtner decided to do a Bowyer/Dyer and start scrapping with each other (interesting how they haven't had bans or were sent off - consistency huh?).

So, why is this going to impact us? Well, we've got two games against Arsenal in the space of a week, the FA Cup 4th round and the League... and I just know that we are going to be the Gunners whipping boys in revenge for this aberration of the natural order of things. I fear for what will happen to us, but I wouldn't be surprised if the goals against column is in double figures... Gulp.

The other thing that has alarmed me is the rumors that we are interested in buying Woodgate - again. Whilst I've always said that he was one of the best defenders that I've ever seen in a black and white shirt... he spent more time in the sick bay that little Micheal Owen (he plays for England you know..) I hope we've got plenty of spare beds and nurses to cope with him.. Also, it really is taking the bringing back old faces thing too far... It will be Killer back next....


Michael said...

Well we do need a creative midfielder...and Fumaca must be out of work at the minute, surely?

Failing that, let's get Michael Bridges back ;)

Karen Toon said...

Nah - my money is on Terry Hibbitt (although even Keegan might have trouble getting him back on the pitch!). Lets be thankful that Dyer is still in a plaster cast :-)