Tuesday, 29 January 2008

A Wise man?


Any change to a senior management team is usually either as a result of an internal promotion or to bring in someone with experience from the outside. The perceived wisdom of most businesses is that a strong management team is needed in order to steer the direction and to set the strategy. If this is the case, then where on earth does Denis Wise fit into this model at Newcastle United? Supposedly Executive Director (football) in charge of youth development and transfers... I wouldn't trust him with the drinks kitty on a girls night out, never mind the Toon's transfer kitty (I'm resisting the obvious comment about him organising the taxi's home..)

My only thought is that this must be part of Ashley & Mort's succession planning for if/when Keegan leaves... Other than that what are they doing paying him a reported £1.5m a year?

Anyway, one consoling thought - at least we won't have to see Adebayor again this season... A wonderful player, but at least he'll be doing damage to other teams rather than us. They didn't get the double figures that I thought that they might against us over the two games... but its been yet another footballing lesson for the Toon players. I wonder if Ashley will get his cash card out now - Giles Barnes anyone?

Never mind Kev - its the Smoggies at the weekend - they might play in the same colours as Arsenal, but that's where the similarities end

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