Saturday, 19 January 2008

Messiah or a naughty boy*

The frenzy has continued unabated - the expectation levels have continued to rise and as at 5.15pm today we'll know if the Keegan effect is going to start to live up to any of the hype. It never ceases to amaze me that the rest of the country seems to take almost as much interest in our team as I do... on occasions. Of course, Keegan is good press, his sound bites are legendary (e.g. "I'd love it, just love it") and seems to understand how the media works and is good entertainment.

My brother tells the story of Keegan (visit one: the player) getting surrounded by a group of kids in the middle of Newcastle. The most common cry was "How Kev, sign me bus ticket" Needless to say, he did. That just sums up the man and thats one of the reasons why he is so loved on Tyneside.

His press conference yesterday, Keegan said that he understood what the job entailed and what was needed. Much has been made of the "Geordie Nation" over the past few days with even Tony Cascarino getting in on the act. It's made me wonder if it really does exist... The Toon fans certainly seem to have a different psyche to the supporters of some other clubs. We want to be entertained, see good attacking football and players who have a pride in wearing the shirt. But do we really want to see glorious defeat or do we want to win something? I know which I want. Actually, I want jam on it - I want to be entertained AND see a trophy cabinet at SJP with something other than cobwebs in it.

So this evening brings Bolton to SJP - they got beaten 3-1 last time we had a new manager. That proved to be a false dawn. Somehow I feel a lot more optimistic about this not being a false dawn - I'd gleefully accept the same scoreline but even if its not Keegan (visit three: the manager) is something that just feels so much better.

Howay the lads

* For the uninitiated this is a quote from "Monty Pythons - The Life of Brian"

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