Thursday, 31 January 2008

Brief Encounter

As I've mentioned before, I have to travel a fair bit with my job, this week I've been to Edinburgh, London and today, Glasgow. I also use different types of transport, train yesterday, car earlier this week and today I flew. I must have the carbon footprint of a yeti, but it saves so much time flying.

Anyway, there was I sitting waiting to get on the plane and a bloke in his 50's wandered up and sat next to me. I did the usual, quick glance and then back to the paper... Slight satellite delay whilst my synapses caught up... And then I realised that the ex-Toon manager Graeme Souness had sat next to me. I was so torn... I wanted to demand my money back from him for numerous games, but not least the Manchester City 0-3 just before he got sacked, I wanted to berate him for Boumsong, ask if he'd taken a back-hander for Amady Faye - or did he just sign the wrong one? As the words "Albert" and "Luque" were forming on my lips the flight was called. Perhaps I should have taken my friends texted advice

"Slap him and ask 4 a refund 4 all the rubbish that we paid good money 2 c". Needless to say I said nowt.

I also don't know what else alarmed me more, the fact that despite the fact that he had been staying overnight in Manchester (he was commentating on Sky - Manure v Portsmouth) he had no luggage - not even a man-bag. Or the fact that he's a Daily Mail reader... Somehow neither surprised me that much.

On the plane one thing just summed him up. The captain had to make an announcement that the weight distribution on the plane wasn't right and whoever was sitting in the wrong seat should move to the correct one... Guess who sheepishly had to move? Selfish to the core. Git.

I've been cross all day thanks to Sourness - just like old times eh?

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ise_67 said...

Has Sourness been eating a load of pies then to rock the plane? Typical selfishness I say. You should have slapped him. There again you shouldn't have stopped me from whacking Fat Freddy with my handbag which would have been just a delicious excuse for an arrest....
Can't say I'm surprised about the Daily Mail, like!