Sunday, 30 December 2007

Typical - good riddance to 2007

Chelsea 2 Toon 1

Just when it looked as though we might get a point from London for a change... A inept display by a linesman ensured that no points where gathered. From the highlights (there is a misnomer) it looks as though the players showed a bit more heart... But to no tangible benefit - typically.

The old adage about "what goes around comes around" is proving itself again - we get a fluky win against Fulham and then get a bizarre decision at Chelsea which means that we end up with nowt. I suppose these things are supposed to even themselves out - but it doesn't feel like it at the moment.

As it draws to the end of the calendar year it seems appropriate to have a think about the good and not so good things that have happened this year....

Good things - Fat Fred Sheppard isn't on the TV, paper, t'internet (delete as appropriate) any more; Mike Ashley wearing his Smith shirt and getting the coach to the mackem game; Habib Beye looking like he could be a fine defender; ermmm.... that's about it - apart from Dyer leaving and West Ham becoming the Cockney Reject Mags...

Not so good things - Any game against Wigan (in any year), lack of heart by the team for games, lack of consistency, booing of the players (including Stephen Carr - he might be rubbish, but he's our rubbish) the poor atmosphere at SJP; mid-table obscurity (the only consistent); the lack of a left back (please play Charlie Zog on the wing); playing so many players out of position, Joey Bloody Barton, abject surrender against Liverpool.... I could go on but I'm getting more and more fed up...

So, the transfer window is about to open, a new year is about to start... What do I wish for?? Simple, a team that plays for the shirt, cares as much as I do about the results and gives me as a fan something to smile about.

Oh, and a cup run Wembley would be good as well!

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