Sunday, 26 July 2009

Laughing Stock - Part 97

Just when I'd started to think it couldn't get any worse, NUFC reapply the 12 bore to the foot and pull the trigger - again. Not content with the pain of relegation, the debacle in the boardroom, the complete absence of a manager (Chris Hughton doesn't count), and a squad shuffling towards the exit door; the kit manufactures have now got in on the act with this debacle. Now, I'm aware that I moaned on about last seasons away kit, but this one is so bad it makes the purple one look tame. What is even worse is that its given the BBC the opportunity to wheel out some local window-lickers to comment on the kit - along with the snappy title "Crowds down for NUFC away kit" apparently three (fool)hardy souls queued for the 'honour' of purchasing one of these monstrosities.

A couple of weeks ago I took myself off for an evening of non-football related entertainment (so much more edifying, so much less stress) and went to see The Twang at Manchester Academy. Birmingham's finest band have a new album out in August and are getting back on the road after being in the studio for about a year. This was their first gig, of what I expect will be a long tour and a such the ticket prices were relatively cheap. The gig was great fun, the band interspersing tracks from the new album (which no one knew) with some of the old favourites. A good night was had by all (even though they only played a short set) and it certainly wasn't diminished at all when the band had to stop in the encore because they had forgotten the words one of their oldest songs... The crowd laughed, it added to the enjoyment of the evening and then we helped the band 'remember' the words.

I learned a long time a go not to pay any attention to pre-season games. They are full of over-weight and uninterested players who are either concerned about not getting injured or about getting a better contract. I long ago learned that if Newcastle have a stunning pre-season then a mediocre season will ensue (the reverse is also true, last season we managed to draw with PSV Eindhoven, and beat Valencia - and look how well we fared!), as a result I stopped going. However, I'd love to think that yesterday's result was just a case of forgetting the words, but somehow I think its a symptom of a deeper malaise. Still, at least its given the press to confirm our laughing stock status, oh, how Man City must be relieved.

However, like a moth to a flame, I still haven't given up. The half-feared text came through this week... "Want tickets for the Baggies game?" So despite the game being live on BBC, it being half-way through the holidays and all of the mess mentioned above, I'm going. I feel like I'm rubbernecking at a car smash... I know I shouldn't look, but I can't look away.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sort it out

Says it all really.....

Talking of....

- Malaysian takeovers
- Player revolts [insert own joke]
- No manager
- A season that is starting in a months time

As ever NUFC manage to make themselves a laughing stock, even by doing nothing. For once doing nothing isn't an option.

Despair, disarray and disunity - the new watchwords at SJP