Saturday, 5 January 2008

Ronnie Radford

Or as he is more commonly known on Tyneside "Ronnie Bloody Radford". Ever since that fateful day at Edgar Street in 1972 (aka Nightmare on Edgar St) when the Toon were dumped out of the FA Cup by a non league team, we've been hoping for a similar result that would take the pressure off us. Needless to say, despite numerous other 'upsets' on FA Cup 3rd round day - nothing seems to have eclipsed that day (although Shrewsbury beating Everton in 2002 came fairly close). That Radford goal is trotted out at this time every year - along with the annoying commentary from Motson (how many other Geordie's hearts sink at the sound of him saying "Tudor's lost it....."?).

So in the current climate of media induced madness the FA Cup game against Stoke is being viewed as Allardyce's last stand. If we get thrashed (or even draw) then I think that I'll be him looking for another job soon. It really is a no win situation for the team - if we win (ha!) then it'll be expected, if we loose then the clucking media will ensure that we are the laughing stock again. Mind you, if we don't get through then the season will be over for us - by the 6th Jan... Not a pleasant thought. One thing for sure, it won't be pretty. I'd guess at a scrappy game and hoping for a lucky goal to get us into the next round. I'll be there to witness it at fist hand - I really do pick my matches don't I?

One thing for sure though, we won't be playing in that hideous all red strip like we did when Hereford beat us... What were they thinking???

Howay the Lads - I don't want anymore instability - so lets have that cup run.... and then collapse in the final like we usually do.

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