Sunday, 30 March 2008

Can we play you every week?

Spurs 1 Toon 4

Oh, such giddiness - two wins in a row, a win in London, four different goal scorers, and back above the mackems in the league table.

I've had to put up with Five Live Sports Extra coverage (to be fair, I can see why they've selected the Merseyside derby as their main game). The coverage was typically patronising - full of "well, we knew that Keegan would get it right in the end", "all fears of relegation are now banished", "the team is starting to have belief" etc, etc... But all this pales into nothingness compaired to the match preview in The Observer this morning, from Dave Mason :-

Don't we have sweet days at the Lane now? And after Keegan's remarks about Southerners*, it would be even sweeter to wipe the floor with the Geordie nation today. Given the relative trophy count sounds more like subordi-nation to me. But we mustn't be so charitable to our beer-bellied friends - the six points we gave them last season kept them up and we've already donated three this time.

Mr Mason, to coin a ancient Norwegian phrase, "your boys took a hell of a beating". Thanks for the six points again this season. And really, does the a league cup win qualify you to be quite so smug?(I'm more than aware that Newcastle haven't won anything on living memory, but the league cup isn't really that great is it - even Middlesbrough have won that.) What happened to all the talk about Spurs finishing up in the top 4? So, thanks for the charitable six points this season... And its not that improbable that we will finish above the Man City of the South...

Anyway - roll on Match of the Day tonight... According to the radio, EMO was outstanding - I'll reserve judgment until I've seen it with my own eyes. Happy days. And long may they continue.

*Keegan's comments about Southerners - "people up here look forward to their football as much as people down south look forward to the theatre." Which, to be honest I took as slightly more insulting to Northerners, and surely not the worst insult in the world... Maybe, Dave Mason also doubles up as a theatre critic??


Michael said...

Sweet days at the Lane indeed...

Karen Toon said...

Too right... Loved MOTD last night. Thought that Martins looked like he had an awesome game... For mr he's been the one player who has really made a difference.