Saturday, 22 March 2008


Another day, another "relegation six-pointer", the various stresses of this season is starting to take its toll... I've now moved on from just having PMT about today's game, to having a serious obsession. The manifestations of this include thinking about 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 when I'm hoovering, wondering if Martins will play whilst watching a new TV show and pondering the future of Shola Ameobi in the local Tesco's (who knows, the two might be intertwined, that might be where he ends up)

All of the above demonstrate the that I
a) don't get out much
b) use football as a diversion from real life
c) am sad....
All of which I cheerfully accept.

However, even for me today's match has taken on an absurd level of importance. I dreamed that I saw the result last night... 2-1. So Paddy Power now has some of my hard earned cash and even more is riding on today's game.

Howay the lads

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