Sunday, 2 March 2008

Pulling in the same direction?

Toon 0 Blackburn 1

I now find myself in the odd position of longing for the boredom of midtable obscurity. Instead I found myself listening to the radio yesterday, hoping that Reading would loose (they didn't) Fulham would loose (they did) and City would beat Wigan (they didn't). But most of all I was willing the Toon to beat Blackburn... Another forlorn hope.

From the "highlights" on Match of the Day it appears that we were unlucky... but how many teams have complained of been unlucky as they fall into the Championship? Certainly, we can't say that we are 'too good to go down' - because we aren't anywhere near good enough at the moment. A lethal combination of comedy capers defending and a midfield packed full of players who can't pass to a team mate make the perfect recipe for relegation.

Assuming that Derby and Fulham are going to take up two of the spots, that leaves one from Reading, Bolton, mackems, Wigan and us (maybe the Smoggies as well). Wigan and Birmingham are both on an upward curve, Reading had a good win at the weekend. So that leaves Toon, mackems and Bolton.... A heart stopping thought that the game against the mackems could decide if we are playing Chelsea or Crystal Palace next season has crossed my mind....

Well, the season won't just be petering out then will it?? Not the usual mid table floundering this year. Liverpool next weekend, I'm waiting to see if I've got a ticket, not sure my heart will stand another Anfield trashing.

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Michael said...

Crystal Palace would be cheaper, I suppose. And there's always another trip to Carlisle...
We'll get tonked at the weekend but I think, overall, we'll be ok: Fulham and Derby are gone and Bolton's fixtures are even worse than ours.
Mind you, it'd help if we could find a forward who could actually score a goal. Or two, even.