Sunday, 16 March 2008


Oh, I've got it so bad - I'm irritable, can't concentrate, and I've got a slight headache just behind my eyes... The cause of this? Pre-Match Tension. Tomorrow against Birmingham is going to be the most important game of the season for us, bar none.

Needless to say the press knives are sharpening again, stories about Viduka falling out with Keegan, about plans to replace Keegan, about Man City wanting Owen (have him, please, EMO can then be your problem) All nonsense, of course, but it all manages to increase the pressure and fills more column inches.

I was tempted to write that tomorrow will be our cup final - but we always lose them. So, I just say thanks to Chelsea for keeping the mackems in their rightful place - just below us, here's hoping that Wigan do the same later today against Bolton. Mostly I just want to see 31 points against our name in the paper on Tuesday morning .

Howay the lads


Michael said...

Only Newcastle could pay £16 million and £120,000 a week for an injury prone forward who's never scored 20 goals in the top flight.

Mind, if he scores 30 goals next season I'll deny I ever said that ;)

Karen Toon said...

Yeah, but if EMO scores 30 goals next season who will it be for?

a) Us in the Prem
b) Us in the Championship
c) Someone else in the Prem

I know which one I think is the most likely

Michael said...

or d) someone else in the Prem with us still paying half his wages a la Robbie Fowler.

Personally, I would've been happy if he'd played 30 games a season...only half the time, with him and Smith up front, our attacking threat begins and ends with Jimmy Milner.

I'm worried about tomorrow. I really am.