Sunday, 27 April 2008

Unbeaten and unbowed

West Ham 2 Toon 2

The unbeaten run continues. Yesterday was just the type of game three months ago that Newcastle would have given up on and lost by at least three and maybe four goals. Allardyce never seemed to have a plan B, so if we lost an early goal that was it... Beaten. Keegan has got a level of belief into the team, which means that if an early goal is conceded then its a case of rolling up metaphorical sleeves and getting back into the game.

Didn't see the game live - at thanks to MOTD they only showed a fleeting glimpse of the game - but pleased to see Oba back scoring as well as terrorising defences with his pace. The second goal should have been his as well. Beye just seems to get better and better with each game. His signing has been on of the highlights of the season.

Disappointment of the weekend was the mackems beating the Smoggies.. That now makes them safe from relegation for this season at least. Still, I suppose that will at least let us put right the wrong of this season and claim a full six points from them next year.

Next week the run may well come to a juddering halt - Chelsea at home. I've managed to get tickets (my first trip to SJP in two years) and I'm taking a very excitable nephew to his first ever Toon game live... Just hope its a good 'un.


Michael said...

We now have some spirit at least - under Allardyce it would have been game over with their second goal. It's a shame about Modric, though -it looks like Mr N'Zogbia's stuck in our reserves (can't see Spurs wanting another left sided midfielder).

Karen Toon said...

Somehow I think that Charlie Zog is off in any event... If Spurs don't want him a certain group of East London Toon rejects might well snap him up. A shame - I always enjoyed the way he played - but the lad doesn't want to stay with us. Just hope we make a decent profit.

Michael said...

Hahaha, I was thinking of West Ham too. But surely they can't want all our sulky wannabe superstars?

Chris said...

Ticking over nicely these days! Just thought I'd put my request for an away win over Everton in early ;-)

Karen Toon said...

Hi Chris

Here's hoping! I see that the Ugly Neville brother reckons that the Waffa Cup is assured for them next season... Humm - we'll see - we usually do ok against the toffees.