Saturday, 12 April 2008

Sunny Days

Portsmouth 0 Toon 0

This was one of those mildly disappointing games. Toon played wellish, had a level of confidence that a month ago was starkly lacking, the midfield was creative and largely dominant. But no real end threat - apart from EMO managing to find David James' barnet instead of the back of the net, it was fairly sterile. I was impressed with Geremi and Butt, who for different reasons contributed a tremendous amount to the team effort. Geremi looked an attacking threat whenever he picked up the ball (except for the 30 odd corners that he took, all of which managed not to get past the first man) and showed some of the finesse that he'd showed in the past in a Chelsea shirt. Butt, who harried, pestered and bossed the midfield showing what an asset he is in a black and white shirt, on his day.

Perhaps Keegan may consider this a couple of points dropped, but I doubt it. Portsmouth have had a decent season and are a difficult team to beat at Fratton Park. In November they absolutely hammered us at SJP, there was no sign of those dark days being repeated again today. A composed defence made so much difference, as did the desire to keep that unbeaten record going. A more than useful point gained.

Comedy moment of the day? It had to be the low sunlight that proved a problem for both keepers. Stevie Harper coped well, but the image of David James squeezing his afro under a baseball cap will raise a smirk with me for a while.

Finally, thanks to Man City - stealing a couple of extra points from the mackems has also made my weekend...

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