Sunday, 6 April 2008

Hat Tricks

Toon 3 Reading 0

Well I never.... On a day when I got the third horse in the Grand National (and win thirty quid), Toon score three goals, each of the front three get a goal, the Toon notch up their third win in a row - it all seemed as though it was destined to happen that way.

I watched the paltry highlights on MOTD, and had three (keeping up the theme for the day) thoughts :-
1. Beye is getting better with every game - he is becoming a classy attacking right back that we haven't seen since the days of Warren Barton. For a while he was in danger of becoming one of those players who's chant is better than he is*...but he is showing the type of form that could well see him become one of the most valuable defenders that we have.
2. David Edgar had the sort of game that he might want to forget - but then again Stephen Taylor had the debut from hell at Bolton a few years ago and he's not done so badly.
3. Keegan's masterstroke appears to have been using Martins, Owen and Viduka together - and its worked.

Ever since the start of the 2nd half against Birmingham the team has played with a freedom that was so sadly lacking under Allardyce - just the speed that the ball is being moved around is so much better than it was before Christmas. Long may it continue, its been a while since things have clicked on the pitch and it makes a very pleasant change.

I also must admit that thinking about Allardyce, a large part of me is really pleased to see his old team careering towards relegation. Bolton have been playing hideous football for years, unimaginative cloggers playing bullying tactics and getting results that way. Finally, they have been found out. After yesterday's 4-0 thrashing by Villa I reckon that should see them disappear down a division along with Derby and Fulham. Good.

* For the uninitiated - the song is to the tune of Happy Days "Monday, Tuesday, Habib Beye. Wednesday, Thursday, Habib Beye"... Well, it makes me laugh


Michael said...

Habib Beye's proof that Fat Sam could spot a player.

Shame he's the only one.

Pity Keegan's so tactically naive, eh?

Karen Toon said...

I reckon that Beye was more by luck than judgment - I'm still unconvinced by Geremi, Barton, Duff (although was he a Souness?) and especially Enrique. Reckon the summer clear out will be interesting. But other than HMP Strangways FC, I can't see anyone touching Barton with a bargepole.

As for Keegan, nah, can't manage or motivate his way out of a paper bag...

Michael said...

Wasn't Duff one of Roeder's bright ideas? Buy players who are no longer good enough for the Big Four and stick them on massive wages cos they've got something to prove...

I like Enrique. He's a trier. But £6.5 million??!!