Monday, 24 December 2007

Dear Santa

What I'd like for Christmas is.....

1. 3 points at Wigan on Boxing Day (I'm going)
2. A new left back to be found under the tree at SJP
3. A display of attacking, attractive football at Wigan (have I mentioned that I'm going?)
4. Michael Owen to come back to full fitness and to score 15 goals this season
5. Failing that.... for him to be lured away to a team like Portsmouth or Spurs and they can pay his extortionate wages and put up with him playing for England as his first priority.
6. For Oba to play as a centre forward
7. For Charlie Zog to play left wing NOT as a left back
8. For Mike Ashley to keep that smile on his face (he still looks like a kid in a sweet shop, wearing his favorite Toon top - gawd bless him).
9. For Titus and Sibbi to have terrible games on Wednesday (I'm going, you know)
10. Alan Smith to get his first Toon goal - sooner rather than later (Wigan, Wednesday?)

In fact if I get one of these I'll be suprised... But then again, I keep hearing that Santa is a Geordie!!

Have a Toontastic Christmas!

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