Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Sick of it

Wigan 1 Toon 0

This was truly awful. I've seen some poor games before, I've seen games where we showed no heart, where we were outclassed and games where we were unlucky. Today was none of these - the Toon were just rubbish. That's what makes it so damn frustrating - individually they should play well, players like Smith, Duff and Milner are all good players. They have just neglected to do so as a team. Today was the worst example of this - every player was poor and forgot to play as a team.

For a while we looked as though the defence was sorted, I feel much better when I see Faye and Taylor at the centre of defence and Beye is a class right back... but I wish that Allardyce wouldn't play N'Zogbia at left back... It's just plain wrong.

The crowd took voicing our displeasure to a new level - booing at half time was to be expected (if unnecessary) but the chant of "we're sh*t and sick of it" was a new one... and extremely heartfelt. Entirely directed at Allardyce. The "Shearer" chants were again directed at Allardyce and a plea for a change in the managerial seat.

I'm really not sure about kicking out the manager again - yet. What would be achieved by this? Unless Mourinho or Lippi is going to tip up at SJP in the next few days, then I can't really see the point in ditching the current incumbent. He may not be the most imaginative manager (dull would be another word) and he hasn't gone anywhere near getting the fans to believe in what he is trying to do. The problem is that we don't trust him. Whilst I don't subscribe to the excellent Billy Furious view that he is the devil incarnate - we can't see what he is trying to do. I just hope that Ashley & Mort don't follow the Shepard route and fire a manager without having a replacement lined up. Lets hope they have more sense than that...

But then again this is the Toon.

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