Sunday, 21 December 2008

Dear Santa

Well, Santa, I'm in a bit of a quandary...

Six games unbeaten and wins in the last two, the giddy heights of 12th place in the league have been attained and I find myself looking up at possible top ten place before the start of 2009. I'm also still in a state of shock that the goal scorers today were N'Zogbia and Duff - and I almost fainted when I saw the highlights and discovered that not only did Viduka play for 50 mins, but he also created the winner. Not only that but we've beaten Spurs, and I've just seen a dejected 'Arry Rednapp interview... Which has brought me a suprising amount of Christmas cheer.

So, Mr Claus, I'm in the habit of of asking for the 3 points on Boxing Day at Wigan (see last years list ) and I'm wondering if I should ask for something different this year. By my reckoning I've been to see Newcastle V Wigan four times and I've never seen us win.. in fact I've never seen us play even remotely well at the JJB.

So rather than ask for the traditional 3 points against Wigan from Father Christmas, I'm going to ask for a cracking game, a team display and JFK's happy face on the telly afterwards. I'm taking the Favourite Nephew to this match for his Xmas pressie... (But he doesn't know yet, so don't tell him... ) I just hope at 5.00pm on Friday he thanks me for it.

Thanks Santa


Michael said...

That's the thing about Viduka. Fat and lazy he may well be, but he does things with the ball that Ameobi can only dream about.

TeeTotallyNot said...

Which is what we're gonna find out tomorrow, eh?
I can't wait for the bestest Christmas prezzie of 'em all - 3 points! Don't care who scores and how :)
Hope the Favourite Newphew thinks the same - have fun anyway, and cheer them on!

Karen Toon said...

TTN - thanks for the good wishes.. As you know we didn't get the 3 points... But bugger me, we cheered!