Friday, 12 September 2008

Protest Song

A week of chaos has ensued, from the last week of chaos - no clarity in terms of leadership, no sign of the new messiah and worst of all Newcastle United are still a laughing stock.  Its now got so bad, people have stopped taking the piss and all I get is sympathy from Manure and City fans. As the bard of Salford once said : - 

That joke isn't funny anymore 
It's too close to home 
And it's too near the bone 

Its got so far beyond a joke that people are really angry - two weeks have passed and the emotional attachment to Keegan hasn't diminshed.  Tomorrow is going to be interesting.  No doubt the media will skew and manipulate, but there will be some sort of protest before/during/after the Hull game. The media will show the window lickers who have been enticed by the prospect of gurning on TV - but underneath it all is a groundswell of option that what has been happening at the club isn't right.  I have a view that Keegan was too 'last decade' for modern, big business football, but I'll expand on that in another post, in the meantime there will be an emotional reaction at tomorrows game. 

I wonder if Mike Ashley has made a big misjudgement.  The recent PR has reminded me of Gerald Ratner, when he said his product was crap - and as a result a multi million pound buisness went down the pan.  Ashely's mistake hasn't been on that scale, but the fans do think that he hasn't treated his punters with respect - therefore the groundswell seems to be to hit him where it hurts.... in the pocket. 

Still - as Michael has said - support the club, not the man.

Howay the lads


TeeTotallyNot said...

true, the scary part is the sympathy (or more like pity) - I've got so used to having the mickey taken that it feels weird when even ManYoo fans are being nice..
and the Hull game tomorrow is a strange one too - I'm almost more interested in seeing what's going to happen off rather than on-pitch.. as if 3 points are not all that important at the moment..
but football is what this club is all about (or should be) so I hope that the lads (or kids) in black & white will get support and pull off a professional performance to give us back at least a touch of pride.
Keep the Faith!

Michael said...

The Ratner comparison's crossed my mind too. But that really was business.
Ashley's position looks untentable but that could change. I spoke to six people who'd been to yesterday's game last night. All six were moaning about Ashley. None of them had taken part in any protests. Five had bought their usual programme and half-time pie and pint. If I were Ashley I'd still be thinking I could ride out the storm with a quick appointment and some decent results.

Unfortunately for him, Dennis's recruitment policy has already put paid to that!