Sunday, 21 September 2008

Dark Days

Ho and indeed Hum....

The week of madness continued :-   
Wednesday saw stories of Ashely and Wise hawking the club around the middle-east, with no success, so he took refuge in a bar...
Saturday - saw the team "hammered" at Upton Park.  Comedy defenders matched by disinterested strikers
Sunday - Andy Carroll, one of the young 'prospects' at the club accepts a police caution for common assault on a woman in the centre of Newcastle.  

I've said it before, but you couldn't make it up....

Through my door earlier this week dropped a copy of the Newcastle United fanzine, The Mag. Usually its a publication that I devour when it arrives, a refreshing mixture of humour, sharp observation and well-written articles.  Its always had the advantage of being unofficial and therefore hasn't had to toe any party line.  I've only read half of of this edition... It's so depressing that it may as well have the phone number of the Samaritans emblazoned across the front of it.   

It's just got to get better soon - I was asked recently what gift I'd like - with only a moments hesitation I said "a proper manager for the Toon"... and three points on Saturday. Hummm, looks like a wasted wish.

Still, one of the reasons that I love football, is that there is always another game just around the corner.  Wednesday sees Toon v Spurs in the Fizzy Pop Cup.  Seeing as Dave Mason has been at it again in today's Observer - who managed to shoehorn into a 50 word preview article on the Spurs V Wigan game comments about how bad Newcastle are (he's right, but that's not the point) - I'd love it, just love it if we beat them..... Now where have I heard that before???

Oh - I couldn't resist this one... not my orginal idea, but its made me smile this week

Criteria for Newcastle United Owner

1. Must have more money than sense
2. Must be prepared to be disliked by the media
3. Must be a Geordie
4. Must be slightly bonkers

.... therefore the perfect owner for NUFC is...... the ex-Mrs McCartney, Heather Mills.. 

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TeeTotallyNot said...

.. made me giggle too :)
after leaving Upton Park on Saturday I couldn't come up with any positive thought to pick me up (and I scraped the barrel) .. it's not in my nature to be pessimistic but at the moment we seem to be doomed. Not that relegation is a concept new to me but it hurts to see our once proud (if slightly bonkers :) club to go to pieces and not having any chance of preventing it..