Monday, 9 June 2008


Withdrawal symptoms abound... The Euro's are just a pleasant diversion - something to keep me going until mid August when the real fun starts again.

There is just something so wrong with those empty Saturdays (or Sunday's or Monday's depending on what Sky wants to do), no match to travel to, no Jeff Stelling to growl at, no euphoria/disappointment (usually the latter admittedly).

This weekend I've spent Saturday with by niece and nephew - I love them to bits, but somehow Indiana Jones wasn't the same as thrill of the latest from SJP... good or bad. So, despite all the disappointments of last season I can't wait until the fixtures for next season are announced (16th June, don't you know). It's that cruel mixture of blind optimism and misguided belief that is so beguiling. More savage amusement.

As for the Euro's? I'd love to Spain win. Why? Because they've underachieved for decades of course - remind you of any other team you can think of? Oh, and its time to forgive a nation for foisting Marcellino on us... they can't still be blamed.

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