Saturday, 31 May 2008

First out....

Humm, it looks like Denis Wise and his mates are starting the summer clear out. Emre seems to be on his way back to Turkey, going to Fenerbahce. If the price that is being quoted is correct it seems like good business. Emre hasn't contributed much at all for the last year or so. He's always been injury prone and he seemed to have been a hangover from Souness's days.

At his best Emre is brilliant, its just that his best in a black and white shirt came two years ago and that form hasn't really been recaptured since then. I'll always be grateful for the free-kick against the mackems that he scored, but since then he's been a bit part player. Still, I'd be willing to bet that if he is going it'll be just our luck that he'll have a storming Euro 2008 competition.

One interesting thing that it does seem to indicate is that Barton will be staying.... Not a surprise, but disappointing.

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Michael said...

The problem with Emre is that you're never going to get any more than 20 games a season out of him. £4 million was a great price - just so long as it goes on someone equally as talented.