Saturday, 21 June 2008


Ok - I'm not claiming any special insight, any level of clarivoyancy or insider dealing... But what on earth is going on with the fixture list for the Premier League? If I can predict that on Boxing Day Newcastle will be playing Wigan or Bolton away... and it comes true, then there certainly is a rabbit off somewhere. I always thought that there was supposed to be a level of randomness about the fixtures - another myth blown away by the TV needs. Don't get me wrong, I live in the North West and the relative ease of getting to a Boxing Day at Wigan (as has happened this year) is fine with me, its the predictable nature of it that bothers me.

The season "curtain raiser" (© Sky TV) is at Manure... Oh well we'll have the same amount of points after that game as we had before... I wonder if we can manager to have a goal difference of less than minus 5 after that game. At least it looks like we'll be able to gently comment on the loss of Riverdance to Madrid... Some comfort at least

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