Monday, 12 May 2008

That's all folks

Everton 3 Toon 1

Goodison Park, scene of a tropical rainstorm and another lesson for Newcastle United from a team that simply wanted it more. Everton were better in every department (with the possible exception of the goalkeeper) faster, fitter, stronger and had more desire. They had to win, and Newcastle had nothing extra to play for.

It was all vaguely depressing, hope flickered for a while when EMO scored a penalty (as an aside why does he take penalties, he might have scored both this one and the one against the mackems, but they were both really poor penalties) but as the thunder crackled above Everton shifted up a gear and scored two more goals.

Suspect this game may have seen the last of N'Zogbia, Ramage (who's gone to QPR today) Duff, Smith (hopefully) and although he didn't play today; Emre as well. Personally I wouldn't be heartbroken if I never saw the majority of those players in a black and white shirt again.

Still, 2007 -2008 season is now consigned to the history books, and on the face of it 12th in the table isn't too bad. Who says statistics don't lie?


Michael said...

Another season peters out in defeat. Removing Duff, Smith and Emre from the wage bill would be a great start(though I still harbour dreams that Duff might one begin to look like the player he was three years ago).

Karen Toon said...


Dream on... it ain't gonna happen... duff by name, duff by nature. Sooner he leaves the better as far as I'm concerned.

Michael said...

Apparently, he did show a turn of pace on Sunday. Shame it was just to get off the pitch at the final whistle...

Next season, 20 goals for Alan Smith and double the assists for Duff. It could happen - if they play for Whitley Bay.