Saturday, 17 November 2007


Welcome to the musings of a 40+ female Newcastle United fan, who wishes that I didn't have to suffer this affliction.... Never blogged before, never thought that anyone would be even vaguely interested... But lets see...

A little about me - I'm a Toon exile. Born and bred in Newcastle (its still 'home') but now living in the shadow of Old Trafford. I went to my first game at the age of 7, stood in the Gallowate end and saw Supermac and John Tudor taken on the then mighty Leeds United. Apparently the score was 3-3... however my abiding memory was being really confused when Supermac was taken off with an injury. I wanted him to stay on the pitch and help us win. Needless to say I was hooked.

Now I get to go to away games only (much more fun anyway) and managed not to see us win for about 2 years. I had the misfortune to be at Coventry when we lost 4-0, Man U (lost 5-1, and the 1 was an o.g.) Wigan ( lost 1-0 against their 2nd team in the Coca Cola Cup) Derby (lost 1-0
to quite possibly the worst team in the Premiership ever) However, I was also at the win at Blackburn (3-0), Bolton (3-1), saw Shearer's 150th goal (against Bradford, I think) and his 200th (against Man U).... Anyway you get the idea.

The aim of this pointless wittering is :-

a) to help my ailing memory
b) to allow me to vent my frustration at being almost, but not quite, good enough as a football team
c) to encourage me to write

Feel free to read, comment and contradict - its just good to know that someone has taken the time to read (unless you are a mackem of course)

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