Saturday, 24 November 2007

Depressed - but I'd never boo

Toon 0 - Liverpool 3

Hopeless, hapless, clueless - that pretty much sums up the debacle today. BUT - thats not what I object to (well, I do, but thats for another day) what is really boiling my blood is the booing of players.

Firstly, I'd never boo a player when he pulls on a black and white shirt - (not unless he'd done something - like Nicky Butt's complete non appearance at the FA Cup semi V Manure). He might be really poor, he might lack ability, he might show complete disinterest (e.g. Patrick Kluivert, Albert Luque etc) but its my job to cheer on the team - the team I support. The clue is in the name...

Secondly, don't boo the opposition players. If they are any good it will only encourage them. I recall Shearer saying that the booing/taunting of the Manure fans used to spur him on. Today booing Steven Gerrard just made him play better. The only time I can remember it working was in the FA Cup against Spurs, when Ginola was given the dogs abuse throughout the first half. The effect of 40,000+ people shouting at him was such that he just sat down in the centre circle and had a hissy fit. BUT we had a right to give Ginola abuse - he'd jilted us for the bright lights of the Smoke... However, Gerrard has only played poorly for an international team. It doesn't make sense... So stoppit.

My preference would be to show the opposition complete disinterest... They all have inflated ego's anyway - so lets not pander to them. Also, it gives the bloody London based sports press another chance to have a pop at the stupid Northerners... So lets not give them the ammunition. But, the chants of "Big Sam for England" from 3/4 of the ground did make me smile.

Got my ticket for next Saturday's game v Blackburn - oh, I can barely wait...... Sarcasm, another of my unattractive traits.

PS - Just been cheered up by the mackem v Everton score... Thank you toffees :-)

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ise_67 said...

Couldn't agree more. It seemed rather persistent today and I really don't think it achieves anything productive.
You're absolutely right in that it only gives the Southern press another stick to hit us with; look at Sky today suggesting "the crowd were leaving early" when some fella was filmed, most likely on his way to the toilet!