Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Sort it out

Says it all really.....

Talking of....

- Malaysian takeovers
- Player revolts [insert own joke]
- No manager
- A season that is starting in a months time

As ever NUFC manage to make themselves a laughing stock, even by doing nothing. For once doing nothing isn't an option.

Despair, disarray and disunity - the new watchwords at SJP

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ise_67 said...

It seems to me that Ashley has just totally given up on the Toon and is doing nothing until he sells. I can see this from a business pov but it's a dodgy strategy for any potential buyer who will have a heck of a lot to sort out (i.e. new players, selling players, new manager etc) in such a short period of time.
Plus just been to Ikea and they have wor new away kit as a duvet set....