Saturday, 19 July 2008

False Dawns and Earthquakes

Well, after what seems like 15 mins break, the pre-season is here... Woo hoo... A chance for the NUFC super new signings to get a run out in the famous black and wh.... errr, no hang on... Purple shirts (just who in the marketing dept thought Purple was a good colour?? I'd have liked to have seen the market testing on that one... lemme guess, they didn't do any) Its a friendly against the mighty Hartlepool.

I gave up going to friendlies years ago - most of the time when its a competitive game the players don't seem to care much, so why I should be bothered to turn up when it isn't even competitive? Anyway, home of the Monkey Hangers isn't top of my preferred holiday destinations. I'd be willing to bet one of our 'stars' will suffer some catastrophic injury (a la Shearer v Everton) so at least its good news that EMO isn't sullying his boots with a trip to Cleveland (something about a minor knock apparently)

And as for the super new singings -ermmm that'll be a challenge. Danny Guthrie and Jonas Gutierrez - still it'll be interesting to see where they fit in. Shame that we didn't succeed in getting Pablo Aimar - but at least we've been spared the Evening Chronicle headline "Why Aimar"....

Finally - so many thanks to Younes Kaboul's agent... For giving me the best laugh all week. If you haven't seen the comments, have a look.

Roll on 17th August

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Michael said...

I'm not sure which is worse, the earthquake jibe or the suggestion that Portsmouth could possibly be more interesting.

I mean, Portsmouth!