Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Hometown Boy

At the moment I only have a passing acquaintance with sleep and a very intimate relationship with insomnia (not the Charlie Zog variety I hasten to add)... So to help while away the hours of darkness I often listen to the radio... Last night(actually that should be this morning) I was counting my metaphorical sheep when the radio announcer issued a breaking sports news bulletin. "Alan Shearer is the new manager of Newcastle United" My interest has briefly piqued and then I remembered the date, tutted and went back to sleep.

However, I've got up this morning and apparently its true He's got until the end of the season and is in sole charge... So the rumours about Dennis Wise being on his way must be true, although I should imagine that Kinnear's recovery isn't going as hoped as the rumours that have been circulating this week about him taking over Wise's job look to have some semblance of truth in them.

As ever, the odds are stacked in Shearer's favour. Eight games to keep the club in the Premiership and if he doesn't succeed then he can walk away blaming the mess of the last 8 months on the previous incumbents with his reputation untarnished. However, if he does turn around this Titanic of a club then the comparisons with Keegan will echo down the years. It's going to be an interesting time, and despite my reservations about what Shearer's personality will be like for the club, at least he's answered the call. As say

Shearer becomes our fourth manager of a mad season and while he's totally unproven in the job, has more feeling for this club in his spit than Kinnear and Hughton combined.

So the hometown boy returns... somehow I guess the remaining tickets for Saturday's game will be sold out before lunchtime.... As ever interesting times at SJP.


Michael said...

Whatever happens it's got to be better than Calderwood and Hughton.
Things couldn't get any worse.

TeeTotallyNot said...

the "I heard it on the radio but dismissed it as BS" episode reminds me of the night the Berlin Wall came down... I had got home from a party in the wee hours and half-drunk, half-asleep heard someone saying that "they're dancing on the Wall".. and even tho it wasn't April I thought they were making a joke and went to sleep.. only to wake up next day and find out it was true...
and the rest is history.
Can it repeat itself? (not saying that all went well from that day on but it certainly were exciting times for a while...)

ise_67 said...

As ever with the Toon, you couldn't make it up. Interesting (and completely bonkers) appointment and his personality is just what we need at this time. 'Norn Iron's' Ian Dowie will hopefully bring management experience though I'm unsure of his track record.
I think the timing is quite intriguing too, given that it's only a week or so after the players told the board and that 'mole' that they wanted a better management set up than Calderwood and Hughton. Could EMO have been stirring in a positive way do we think??? Maybe. If he did and Shearer's appointment pays off then I'll forgive him all that time off!

Ibracadabra said...

It'll be exciting to see how Shearer does - and now we can get a first hand look as it looks like Nicky Butt of all people will be twittering the relegation battle...