Sunday, 13 July 2008


Another out of season week trundles by...with a new signing and more rumours about a change in ownership.

I got a text from the lady in the picture (advertising that famous Geordie firm of solicitors) this week "I c we've signed Danny Guthrie - b still my beating heart" Apart from the impressive use of irony in a text message, it shows how little impact the summer signings this season have had on the fan base thus far.

Guthrie is a Liverpool cast off (albeit, a decent player from what I can remember) who did well at Bolton, but has no doubt come to the North East for higher wages than Bolton were prepared to offer him. That said, he's a young player and will be excellent replacement (or cover) for banged-up Barton. Hopefully he'll be keen to impress and maybe will be the type of player that we thought that we were getting when millions were shelled out for Scott Parker.

The signings so an interesting approach to ambition. A more frugal and pragmatic approach seems to be pervading in the transfer market at the moment. Perhaps this is Mike Ashley's period of retrenchment, or perhaps he's just got to the bottom of that money pit now and is skint!

Whatever the cause, the effect will be interesting to watch next season - I'd guess the aim will be to get to a European spot (fair play league anyone??) and then some of the rumours about the club being sold may become more solid.

Oh... one more thing. Last week I mused about Ashley being the Joker... I'm still not sure - but if you haven't seen it have a look at this interview in The Guardian - the jury is still out


Michael said...

I think we can safely say the closest this squad'll get to Europe is Portsmouth away.

Karen Toon said...

Or of course there is the Flybe plane "The Kevin Keegan" - which might be the other way that the squad will get to Europe...