Saturday, 23 February 2008


Toon 1 Man Utd 5

Oh, this hurts so much.... Humiliation, capitulation (again) but most of all today was painful.

At this rate we are going down with the mackems - and rightly so.

Even the most optimistic of Toon fans won't have expected anything other that a defeat, but this was catastrophic even by our standards. I joked at half time that Harper was sent on because Given's back would be getting sore, picking the ball out of the net. It wasn't so much a joke as a prophecy. Manure have put eleven past us in the last month... and the one reply that we did have was iffy to say the least. The worst thing about a truly awful day? Saha scoring the fifth - a player that was jettisoned by us for not being good enough. Tragic or laughable...

As for Barton - if there was any justice in the world he would be locked up for fraud as well as the ABH. He's now masquerading as a Premiership footballer.


ise_67 said...

I'm afraid that it looks even worse second time round on MOTD 2.

What worries me is the distinct lack of shape that our squad currently demonstrate, they really are like Sunday league players all chasing the ball around the pitch. That and the fact that Joey Barton can't pass a ball to save his life, and many of our other squad members panic as soon as they get the ball and end up giving it away ridiculously easily.

Having said that though I think we should all spare a thought for Eduardo. I've just seen his injury, eeeooouuuwwww! I have my fingers crossed for him, poor lad.

Michael said...

Like Sunday league players, they chase the ball all round the pitch for the first 20 minutes...then give up.