Sunday, 6 June 2010

Whilst I've been away

Ermmmm... Sorry, I've been a bit remiss lately. In fact, depending on your definition of lately I've been positively tardy. But, I wouldn't want you to think I've not been paying attention. Some of the 'highlights' of the last 6 months include:-

- Defying all the gloom-mongers (*cough* including myself) NUFC have managed to win the Championship at a canter, remaining unbeaten at SJP for a whole season.
- Most of the players have (so far) stayed with the club
- We still have the same manager, who has been quietly dignified through out the barrage of nonsense that has been stirred up in the press

So, NUFC are looking forward to the start of August with the prospect of turning out against Manure, Arsenal and the Mackems next season , and all that this entails... Higher price match tickets, greater speculation about players in/out, even more pressure on Hughton as well as the unforgiving glare of the press spotlight being shone even brighter on those at SJP.

In an attempt to combat this the Board at NUFC put out a statement last month. Have a look at the full version here. This is a spectacular example of standing on a chair, hoisting corporate skirts up and shouting "Thomas!". Surely, statements like this

There will be no comment from the Board regarding the purchase of players.

There will be no comment from the Board regarding the sale of players.

There will be no comment from the Board regarding ongoing contract talks with players presently at Newcastle United Football Club or with those that the club may enter into negotiation with.

Will only serve to pique the interest of the press pack. What is the phrase about keeping your friends close, but your enemies even closer? A certain amount of openness and transparency can only benefit the understanding of what the current Board are trying to achieve... How does this help?

In simple terms this is a transparent policy that will feed through and inform all aspects of the running of Newcastle United Football Club's first team. There will be no comments from any member of Newcastle United's Board in the future regarding any issues surrounding Newcastle United to the press/media at large.

That said, I sorta agree with this one.... Not the ethics of it, but because the Daily Mail is pure bile filled spiteful garbage...


TeeTotallyNot said...

YAY - you're back!!! was almost getting worried you'd defected :D (just kidding :D)
good to have you back on the rollercoaster that is NUFC and yet another (single?) season with the 'big boys'.. and Wolves, Wigan, West Ham, Scumderland, Stoke...
good thing the World Cup lets us dwell in denial for 6 more weeks before we have to face the bitter truth..

Karen Toon said...

Hi TTN, now you've made me feel even more guilty... But, as if I'd defect. Looking forward to the World Cup - and dreaming of players who'd never wear the black & white shirt... Hey ho...

Howay the lads

Michael said...

Welcome back.
I still don't know why they felt the need to make that statement. The Daily Mail thing, of course, I completely agree with.

TeeTotallyNot said...

or dreaming of players who'll never wear the b&w shirt again?!?
Let's hope Spidey doesn't do an EMO 2006 World Cup.. and plays bad enough for no other club to want him... I know that's a mean and selfish thought but...
above all let's hope it's a peaceful and entertaining World Cup.. see you in the semi final :P