Sunday, 1 March 2009

Building site

Bolton 1 Toon 0

As you can see from the picture, this was a grim game. The storm clouds overhead were a portent of doom for the Toon. To keep stretching the analogy, Newcastle resembled a team of hod carriers, whereas Bolton weren't a team of master craftsmen either. The best description of this game that I can think of is turgid... with more emphasis on the turd.

Stevie Taylor, Shola and Enrique were awful, Butt and Martins weren't much better and only Ryan Taylor showed any heart for the game. It was a sad indictment of Newcastle's midfield that Gavin McCann and Matt Taylor (yes, 3 Taylor's on the pitch - their ought to be law against it) completely ran the midfield after the first 20 mins. Oh, and the lack of potency in our attack allowed Andy O'Brien to look like a competent centre half again... and we know that's not true.

Two notable moments from the game - Peter Reid taking his seat in a box, directly behind the away fans... and graciously bowing as he was serenaded with "Sad mackem bastard" Just who thought it was a good idea to give him a seat there? A masterpiece of planning that one! A bloke in front of me said "he'll probably be our next manager"... a chilly shudder went around those who heard..

The second was one of those things that I never thought that I'd hear at a football game, said in a stage whisper... "Pet, I think I'm lactating"

Ah, the joys of going to football with a new mother.

Roll on Wednesday - I'd guess Manure will put double figures past the scaffolded defence.


Michael said...

Can't this season just end now?
The only hope I can see is that everyone else somehow manages to be even crapper than us.

TeeTotallyNot said...

And somehow I'm afraid they won't.

Nufc official merchandise said...

i wish this season would just end ever we will be safe this season but if something isnt done in the summer the future doesnt look bright