Saturday, 16 August 2008

1972 and all that

What happened in 1972? Well, some of the notable events included
  • Munich Olympics
  • Bloody Sunday
  • Watergate
  • The release of 'The Godfather' film
  • The first digital watch was introduced (and it cost over £100)
  • The average house price was £7,374
  • Newcastle United beat Manchester United at Old Trafford
If I'd realised that the last point had been so momentous then I might have paid a bit more attention to John Tudor and Stewart Barrowclough's goals as the Manure team featuring Charlton, Law and Best lost (mind you, I was still at junior school at the time) Whatever happened on that day must have left big scars on the red team - cos we haven't got close to beating them at Old Trafford in the intervening 36 years.

So, will this run of form be broken tomorrow? - I'd doubt it, but as ever, I live in hope. After a farce with the box office the tickets have arrived this morning (why is it the NUFC box office never quite get it right? Was it such a suprise that the season was starting again??) so I'll be there to witness what will most probably be a humiliation.

Still, I've had a little flutter (the old adage about a fool and his money being easily parted) and at 90-1 here's hoping for a repirse of 1972. I'm just off to dig out my flares, Bay City Rollers tartan scarf and find some platform shoes... So if you see someone wobbling down the Chester Road tomorrow - that'll be me.

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damo said...

I was born in 1972.
just shows how long it's been. Good result